The Formula to Selling Your House…shhh

The Formula to Selling Your House…shhh



Selling your house is either done wrong or right. There are many different ways to sell a house. Doing it properly takes skill and experience. Usually when an agent starts selling houses he will will work under a mentor or company which has had tried and failed in the past so the future agent does not have to make the same mistakes. Even veterans can make mistakes, but the difference between a veteran and a novice is that the veteran agent will make the proper adjustments to the listing, so the house will pick up steam and sell in a timely fashion.

Yes there is a formula to selling a house. Marketing plus pricing strategies. While many (more…)

The Formula to Selling Your House…shhh

Smooth Selling

A property that doesn’t generate as much interest and sell as quickly as expected isn’t necessarily one thats flawed. There are several reasons why perfectly good homes linger on the market below are some of the most common.

1)  Its overpriced. This is the top reason why quality properties don’t sell more quickly. Buyers tend to assume, rightly or wrongly, that a seller whose home is priced above fair market value isn’t serious about selling or open to negotiating. As such, buyers may feel they’d be wasting their time by even making an offer.

2)  It doesn’tt show well. A home may have excellent “bone structure”, be fairly priced, and (more…)

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