Find Great Tenants Now

Find Great Tenants Now


Great Tenants can make or break an investment property. With this digital age it can get even more difficult with printers and fraud. Here are some steps in order to ensure that you get the best tenants to make a profit in your rental property.

1. You do the credit check. I’ve seen Agents and Tenants try to forge documents. With photoshop you can literally do anything or create anything on paper. The only way to (more…)

Find Great Tenants Now

Land Transfer Tax Toronto is a Scam!

Land-Transfer-Tax-Toronto-Mayor-Ford-Real-estate-TREB-economy-Condo.ca_It was promised in the last election in Toronto that the Toronto Land Transfer tax would be abolished.

It seems as though that was just an empty promise to get Realtors & Residents to vote the current mayor into office.

I’m not gonna go into boring statistics about the detriment to the city that the land transfer tax has created with buyers. Obviously it has created an enormous amount of income for the city, but it has made buyers think twice about making a transaction into Toronto.

Personally I’ve had buyers specifically buy a property along the border of Toronto because one or two more streets in a particular direction would cause a buyer to have to pay double the land transfer tax. In some cases it could mean another 10-15 thousand (more…)

Find Great Tenants Now

Jimmy The Renovator: Which Hardwood Floor To Choose?

Hardwood-Floor-IdeasWhen homeowners decide to invest in wood flooring for their properties, they may not realize how many decisions they’ll have to make during the process. There are many different types of wood available, as well as various patterns, styles, finishes and designs. The last thing anyone would want is to spend thousands on new flooring only to realize that they made the wrong choice.


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