Technology Gap Increasing

Technology Gap Increasing


There is a growing section of society that has a technology gap. Some people understand what is going on with technology and communication, and the rest of people seem to be going in the other direction. It almost seems like the middle class scenario is happening with technology. The people that understand and follow technology get smarter and faster with it, and the rest of the people attempting to use it get slower and eventually fall off.

Messages are hitting us in every direction. Twitter, Facebook, and the Internet integration into our daily lives is multiplying at a phenomenal rate. For some companies they have been lacking in catching up thinking that this social media and technology communication is just a fad. They have been wrong in their thinking. Now each company strives to hire consulting companies, small business owners are seeing the power of new communication and integration to get new customers. 

Since I am in the moving people from house to dream house industry, I will give you my opinion on where the industry is right now. Keep in mind the median agent is 40-50 year old.

1. Most agents have kept the status quo with how they market houses. Look at the local newspaper, (I mean look at it for the first time in ten years and you will see all the agents that still believe print media is for marketing)

2. Most Real Estate Companies have tried to integrate new technology into their company websites and local brokerages. 

3. Most agents have not adopted their company technology or understand it.

4. Real Estate boards are constantly trying to educate their agents and are trying to adopt new changes but at a slow rate. 

5. The Industry as a whole is a few years behind like some major brands, but some companies are trying to implement new changes to get ahead of the gap. 

6. New agents entering the field have adopted change and have blown away their counterparts, therefore providing new and revolutionary ways to promote houses, their brand and their product.

I believe it is the early adopters that will benefit by increasing their marketing efforts. Marketing in the new millennium is only going to get more social. By not promoting your products or brand in this way the industry will fall behind because other marketing companies are entering the marketplace. Failure to be on the leading edge only creates a negative image in the eyes of the consumer.

What’s Your Commute Worth?

What’s Your Commute Worth?


With gas prices sky rocketing and staying steady for this past year, its a pretty good assumption that the gas prices will not go down much at this point. I’m not going to sit here and rant about gas prices. Our current gas prices are a current factor in everyday lives now. Inflation and the dollar are reflecting the gas prices. Goods are going to continue to go up to reflect the gas prices.

One thing that you must start to incorporate into your house purchase and where you live is your commute. Some people must also use the 407 ETR to travel to and from work. With prices on that highway going up every year this is another major factor in choosing a house to live.

Yes, I know that people have been calculating this into their normal math for decades, but this is a major jump in gas prices. 

The way I would look at your commute, is to calculate how much it costs, the use it as a minus on your house appreciation. Yes your house goes up 5%-10% each year but I must minus the amount of gas, tolls, and car repairs.

So while you love that house house out in Oakville, is it worth it to buy a house there when it costs you an extra $20,000 to commute to and from Downtown?

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