Typically when a parent or Senior gets old they start to look to retirement and Senior homes. Being A Senior Accredited Agent has taught me that one of the first things to seek out is a way to keep a Senior in the home if it makes sense and make that an option. 

While there are many options and home modifications you can do to make a stay at home easier, here are a few things to consider before ruling a move in order. 

1. Bathroom Renovations:

Here are a few things you can add such as 
Bathroom Grab Bars, A Shower Seat,Raised Toilet Seat, Install a Tub Cut or remove the Tub completely with Ground Floor Bathroom. A none slip floor or Skid Mats Everywhere is key to helping not fall at all and adding space to the bathroom for a Senior who needs to enter with a Wheel Chair. 

2. Chair Lifts and Elevators:

A chair lift is typically the most cost effect thing to get someone upstairs in a house. There is also an option to create a single personal elevator in the house. Both are costly in their own way. 

I strongly believe against both of these as a first option and I would speak to a contractor to actually make the first floor an option to add a bedroom to an existing room. Removing a family room and using that den to accommodate a bedroom is probably much more easily accessible. If this is not an option then go ahead and see if a chair lift or elevator is possible and affordable. 

3. Hospital Adjustable Bed:

Adjustable beds have come a long way since its inception. You can get very comfortable beds that can help you get out of bed with the click of a button. This is very useful even to help a caregiver when entering and exiting a bed. 

4. Ramps & Step Elevator:

These two ways to help a Senior get into the house from the front steps. I was exposed to this when my great uncle had a stroke and his mobility was taken away. There was no way for him to make the 4 steps into the house, so my great aunt decided to get a ramp which was the cheapest solution at the time. This is the cheapest but also the ugliest option. Putting a ramp at the foot of the house, doesn’t look great. Depending on how your front of house is, obviously a Step Elevator might look better or you might be able to put this in a garage entrance. 

5. Home Automation:

In the last two years, home automation has come so far its unbelievable. With voice recongnition, you can turn your lights on, lock the doors, turn the tv on, change the temperature, change the channel on the tv, and change the temperature of the lights, see what is in the fridge and so much more. Home kit from apple and every technology company now has home automation products. 
These products as well as the other Renovations and Senior solutions mentioned above can really help make staying in your home an easier decision. 


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