So far here in Toronto, we have not really seen a heavy downfall of snow like we saw last year. If this year turns out to be a mild winter like we saw a few years ago, we may see a mini boom in Real Estate, more so than we have already seen this year.

While there may be a heavy winter in our future, we have yet to see that. A few conditions that may lead to increase prices and furthermore bidding wars to come.

1. Mild Winter:

People will sell their places when it is not as cold. When people are freezing they don’t feel like searching for properties. If the temperatures are bearable they will call their local agent and go see properties.

2. World Climate:

The world is on edge as of late, and one place that has been seen a refuge is Canada. Foreign investment is huge in this country and we may see more of that since investors around the globe will jump on the possibility of refugees, immigration and students coming into this country.

3. Low Interest Rates:

Interest rates continue to stay low, there is no indication of any major movement to higher rates.

4. High Demand:

If there are only a few properties available, there will be higher demand. In the past few years there has been a jump in demand after Christmas, and this year seems to provide the same atmosphere for a mini boom in January and February.

5. Investors Galore:

It seems like everybody is looking for a huge investment property. Investment in the city of Toronto is ripe and ready to steadily head up. I have seen no calming of investors and more investment groups setting up shop in Toronto and Ontario. This trend is going to continue and everybody is looking for that investment property.

Overall it has been a banner year for Real Estate, while we also get those crazy reports from TV and newspapers that interest rates may head up and real estate is going down, but I believe we will hit another year of craziness starting in January. If you’re looking to sell your property get it ready now.


Virtual Staging

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Over Rated Home Features

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Uber is Not Like Real Estate!

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Would You Go Into a Court Without a Lawyer?

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Liberals Are Going to Tank This Market!

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