Seniors today are living longer, saving less, spending more and carry more debt. Unlocking their home equity is likely the most viable solution for a significant number of these people. Exclusively for Canadian Homeowners 55+ 

The CHIP Home Income Plan is a home equity loan (reverse mortgage) available exclusively to Canadian homeowners 55 years or older. With the CHIP Home Income Plan, individuals can take up to 50% of the value of their home as tax-­‐free cash, and unlike a traditional loan, they never have to make a payment until they choose to move or sell. Homeowners can use the funds as they see fit; pay outstanding debts, fix-­‐up their homes or cover monthly expenses. CHIP’s unique loans help clients maximize their cash flow, with rates you might not expect. 
Funds can be advanced as a single lump sum, regular payments, or a mix of both 
No payments (principal or interest) are necessary for as long as your client or their spouse live in their home 
No need for traditional income qualification • 
The amount of funds available vary by client and/or spouse’s age, location and dwelling type, at its appraised value 
Loans cannot be recalled once placed Help you position yourself as the debt expert for every member of the family
Written by Mary Lepone-Flor
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Does It Make Sense For Your Parents to Down Size?

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Senior Abuse an Unspoken Truth

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Moving For Seniors is Not the Same

In this Future, where people buy and sell houses like trading cards, moving is not the same for young people as it is for Seniors. Sometimes young people forget that a parent has changed with time, they still see them as the parent that they grew up with. Another...

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Hidden costs of buying or selling a home

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Working With Seniors

Are you parents selling their house? Or is there an emergency in the family? After taking the ASA (Accredited Senior Association) Course and selling numerous Seniors homes this past year, I've learned a lot. If your parents are seniors, you might not even look at them...

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