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Does It Make Sense For Your Parents to Down Size?

We all want the best for our parents. We all want our parents to ride off into the sunset and enjoy their life when they retire. In some cases this means downsizing, and using that home as a cash cow for the remaining years of their lives. In many cases this is the...

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Senior Abuse an Unspoken Truth

We hear about abuse in the media a lot. We hear about teacher scandals, priest abuse and so many more of people in a power position. One area of abuse we do not hear anything about is Senior Abuse.  There are many forms of senior abuse. It is similar to all of the...

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Reverse mortgages

Seniors today are living longer, saving less, spending more and carry more debt. Unlocking their home equity is likely the most viable solution for a significant number of these people. Exclusively for Canadian Homeowners 55+  The CHIP Home Income Plan is a home...

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Seniors’ Bill of Rights

Who Do We Serve?

ASA’s serve seniors and their families by transforming a typically stressful, hectic transition into a stress-free guilt-free, reduced-anxiety process.   ASA’s also serve retirement residences in their local areas, in several ways.   ASA’s work closely with people in many professions, including lawyers, senior move managers, financial planners, bank staff, accountants, estate planners, auctioneers, aging-in-place contractors, etc.   The primary goal of an ASA is to assist seniors in coming to the best decision for their circumstances, which may or may not involve the sale of their home.

The ASA Mission and Purpose

An ASA designee’s mission is to fulfill the mandate “Making Seniors Matter Again”.   In this hectic world, with people leading crazy-busy lives, it seems that seniors in our society are the first to be forgotten. It’s not done maliciously; it just happens. As younger generations are racing through their lives, it seems we take if for granted that seniors can take care of themselves; and many of them can’t.   Take a step back and think of the relationship you had with your grandparents, and compare It to how different the relationship your children have with their grandparents is. It matters.

Senior Services

  1. Life Planning Consultation

  2. Door to Door Transportation (non WheelChair) for Showings

  3. Staging & Decluttering

  4. Smart-sizing (Downsizing) References

  5. Legal/Will Reference

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