It seems as though there are new ways to sell your house everyday in the market place. New Internet companies are coming out of no where to set up shop in Canada. The simple reason is that Real Estate is big business and unlike other countries, Real Estate agents and their boards control the listings here. In other countries corporations have taken control of listings and it is a free for all.

I love competition. It drives out the people making money who do nothing and it makes everybody wake up and get the best services for sellers. (That’s my opinion for the day) It also drives out the people or companies who should not be in the business anyway.

I do notice when all these companies come into the market, the current status Real Estate agents combat these services by simply reducing their commission and taking away services. Instead of improving technology, customer service and education, the easy thing that they do is give back money to a client.

Why things will not change for many: Yes there always will be people who think they can sell their house. Some people can. Some people will then realize its a full time job and think about the time that they spent and calculate the cost of their own time. Yes the new companies help people to sell their own home. Some do it for you. Here is the big BUT! The key to Real Estate is that its not just about MLS or the network of agents, its about service.

A good agent will come into your house and speak about all of the service that they offer. They will explain to you what they do that is unique or better then the next agent and online agents. Then they will explain the following, a market plan, staging, price strategies, renovation, and what needs to be done to get you the most money for your house.

The new companies come into a market and think that  your house is just another item that will sell on EBAY. They forget to realize that this is probably the biggest investment of your life and it deserves more attention then a toaster oven.

The best way to Find an agent is like you would do if you were the boss at a company. Instead you are the boss of the house. Interview a number of agents, have a list of questions, and choose the one that makes you the most comfortable and that you feel you can work with. That’s it!

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