When you embark on buying or selling Real Estate it is important to hire a good team. It is very important to do your research when hiring your team. Don’t just take your friends word for it that this person is good. They might have been good and satisfactory for your friend, but your needs might be very different. 

Here are some easy steps to doing some quick research…

1. The first thing you should do is Google whoever it is you are hiring. See if you can read any reviews or business reports. In case of a Real Estate agent, see what kind of Internet and social media presence he has. It is very important if he is marketing your house. Testimonials are very important. If a past client is willing to write or do a video testimonial that means that the service was excellent. Get a history of the person. Usually sites like LinkeIn will give you some sort of history. 

2. Make a call. How easy is it for you to get this person on the phone. If you can never reach the professional, then they are not going to give you customer service at all. If you do get an answering service, can you also text, email, or contact them via facebook or social networks. Any sort of message will do if you get a response. If you get a voice mail, how soon do they return your call. While it is important for them to be busy, your priorities are number one. 

3. Interview them. In the final stages of your decision making process interview them as you are the boss. Have a list of questions and criteria that you are looking for. If they do not match them they do not get the job. Don’t get pressured into hiring them. Have a date when you will get back to them and a decision. Ask them for some recent referrals, and testimonials. 

4. Get a second opinion. If you hear something from one professional, ask another one. Go on the Internet and check it out. Don’t just take their word for it. Sometimes, professionals do not have your best interests at hand. They just want to get the deal done at any rate and cost. Your cost. Usually you can sniff out these people in the interview process and hopefully you don’t hire these types, but if you do by mistake call them out on everything if you’ve entered into a contract. 

5. Trust your Instincts. Use your gut as the saying goes. When you sign a contract, make sure you feel that you can trust this person with intimate details, your personal life and with helping you with major decisions. While this professional is there to help you get in the right direction, they cannot make a decision for you. They can help you along, give opinion, but ultimately it is up to you to do what is in your best interests. Usually when you hire the right person you don’t have to question their values, their motivations or whether they have your best or their best interests at hand. 

7. Mistakes Happen. Don’t Beat yourself up. Everybody can make a mistake in choosing a professional. It happens. Even professionals are human and sometimes circumstances hit at the worst times and sometimes when it is your transaction. Circumstances can come up in their personal life that may inhibit or defer from their normal practice. These can be children, spouse, health, death or finances. There are also other things like substance abuse, partying, and nightlife that might interfere with good service. Maybe this professional is going through something and now they started to drink or abuse himself. Maybe they are going through a divorce. The key to rectifying your mistake in choosing somebody that is not meeting your goals is to sit down have a discussion with them, if you are not happy with the outcome ask for a release from your contract and possibly settle on a monetary arrangement to cover their costs. 

8. You pay for what you get! This is important, no matter how close, how related you are, everything costs money. A lawyer cannot afford to draw up paperwork using their resources for you at no charge or a extremely discounted rate. Whether they remove services or they remove their response time to you, you are paying for it. Any professional knows what they are worth and if the service is there, then they must charge for it. If they don’t you will pay for it with the substandard service. 

9. Do your research! The people you hire are like partners, they will do most of the work for you so you should do your checks and then you can relax and continue along the path to making the correct decisions with their help.

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