I’ve been selling Real Estate long enough to have a good opinion of what to renovate in a house. I’m a good observer of what impresses buyers and neighbours when walking through my open houses. Here is a list of upgrades I notice regularly.

jimmy-and-granite1. Hardwood: Putting in Hardwood, is a pain in the ass. Yes it is, its messy, and while you are not personally doing it, people know the value of a good floor even at its cheapest. While there are new materials being used these days, a good hardwood floor is still a top seller in my mind.

2. Granite Everywhere: Even thought other cheaper products are entering the market, when buyers see granite, their eyes open up because they know how much it costs to install. Granite in the washrooms are great too.

3. Finished Basement: Now, this is a finished basement that is done properly. Not just some drywall and studs. A finished proper basement. There are not many out there, and many people do this themselves which will actually lower the property value.

4. Walkout-Basement: Why do people want this, so they can rent this obviously, or have their kid live there when they are too old, or have a nanny apartment.

5. Kitchen: This will include new cabinets, appliances, and proper flooring. A well done kitchen can sell the whole house, because this is probably the most expensive area, and most spent.

6. Washrooms: Washrooms, are another pain to renovate, because without out one, you must use the other and congest it. A proper clean and renovated washroom, sells a house.

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