google-search-resultsSo you put an offer in, you’re deposit is down, you’ve got the financing, you’ve done a home inspection and you’re ready to move in. Wrong! You should do a web search and a newspaper search on the house you are looking to spend the rest of your life in. Most people think because they have an agent that the agent knows what the history is on the property, but you are wrong. Both agents only have to disclose what they know, if they don’t know anything, then they do not have to disclose anything. Yes there are instances where agents were fined because they didn’t know any information and there were some sort of stigma with the property, but a fine is not gonna help you after you are living in a property that had a double homicide in it.

You should always cover your tracks and double check to make sure that your property was not the scene of some horrific event last year. Even the best agents, and lawyers only are as good as the information they can get. Sometimes, information doesn’t hit the news, you might want to speak to the neighbours that are outside when you go for your home inspection. Think about how many murders and crimes are committed in the world, they have to be committed in the nice little neighbourhood, which nobody saw coming. It could just be the reason why you got your house a bit cheaper than usual. 🙂

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