In this Future, where people buy and sell houses like trading cards, moving is not the same for young people as it is for Seniors. Sometimes young people forget that a parent has changed with time, they still see them as the parent that they grew up with. Another thing that children sometimes don’t take into account is an illness or ailment that has affected their parent but the child does not want to accept that it is happening.

There are a lot of abuses that are both mental and physical that children can do to their parents which they might not see that they are doing. In many cases this happens when a Senior moves. The child just thinks that they are moving and its no big deal.

I put together a list to help understand what a Senior is going through when moving and how to stop and think what is going on in the present.

1. Will I be able to afford where I am moving to?

This is a huge stress for a Senior moving. Moving to a Seniors home, or Retirement home can be very costly. If a child is paying for a portion of that care, then this can further stress or make the parent feel like they are burdening their child.

Sit down with your parent and re-assure them of the costs are taken care and the commitment you have to them. Go over with their finances and yours and what is expected on both ends. Be very patient and make sure that this move is the correct one before proceeding. It might be more efficient to keep the parent at home, with care being brought in, and retrofitting the home. Make sure all avenues are explored.

2. What Will I do With All of My Belongings?

Many years of accumulating stuff and mementos is part of life. Most people end up having a huge house full of things. Where to put those things or get ride of them when downsizing or moving to a retirement home is a tough thing to organize.

Do an Inventory of the house and try to organize what is going to come and go. What is going to go to charity and what is going to fit in the new place. This can be the hardest part of a move. Some of these things are associated with a persons Identity at this point. It can be a finale of a persons life when getting rid of some possessions. You can hire people to come in and organize for you and companies to throw out stuff as well.

3. Is This the End?

Moving to a Retirement home, or nursing home can bring a lot of fear surrounding death and the end. A lot of anxiety can be brought upon with this stage of a Seniors life.

While this is not the end, a Senior can enjoy many years in these facilities, and even enjoy being around similar people at this stage of their life. Some seniors like the care, and get to be very close with the staff. Many Seniors enjoy the routine, and enjoy the care that comes with these homes. Usually Seniors homes have day trips, and arrange for group outings to Casinos, Church events and attractions such as CN tower etc.

4. Will I Like it There?

Many Seniors moving will question if they are going to the right place. Sometimes budget is an issue and the proper care cannot be obtained. This is a challenge for many children who are looking to help in a move.

Doing as much research as possible into the facility is key. Talk to the Seniors if you can entering and leaving. Talk to as much staff as you can to get a vibe for the place.

5. Should I Move or Not?

This is one of the most important things I’ve learned since I’ve become an Accredited Senior Agent. Not all people need to move out of their home. Sometimes a home can be retrofitted, and a senior care giver can come into the home, live there and or come in each day depending on the need. There are many options other than moving out. Sometimes, a simple downsize to a condo, or apartment with some care giver coming in is needed only. Explore all options before finalizing on a move.

The most important thing in all of these situations is patience. Listen to what your parent is saying and try to meet their needs, and explain to them if some options are not available. It is so difficult in a move time, and most Seniors have not bought or sold a home for years, and many things have changed in the Real Estate process.

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