Typically Real Estate is an industry that is always going to be about the tried and tested methods of selling. Great Salespeople, with rolodex’s will always be a major factor in selling a property. Being a Great Negotiator and salesperson will never go away. While many agents are not tech savvy (yes it is true) there have been many advancements in the last few years in the Real Estate industry.

Some of the things that have come are Real Estate website, property websites, domains for you property, text infomration on signs, QR codes, and more. While these are great methods to sell a house more advancements have come and will come out shortly and showcase your property. Here are a few.

1. Drones: Very popular in the last year, while it is very new, the drones are also going to get better and more sophisticated. The new Phantom Inspire, has a camera facing down, which will actually help the drone stabilize where there is no gps therefore getting shots inside of a house if needed. These drones can shoot above a property and showcase the outside and the camera technology can now shoot in 4k. If done correctly this footage can be used to compliment a great video tour. The few drawbacks to this tech, is that the legality of it is still complicated and can get expensive with insurance.

2. 3D Photography: 3D Photography is coming and it is getting cheaper. While there are a few companies doing this now, the concept would be incredible for people who are looking for Properties. If you have a 3D TV you could literally walk through the house and be in your own living room. This could change the way people buy Real Estate, and could help keep waste time buyers out, and keep the really interested ones in.
There is only one company that I know is doing this right now for Real Estate agents, and one subscription service for Agents who sell this. Make sure your agent is a member of the The Real Estate Channel to get this service.

3. Mobile Deposit: The ability to use your phone to transfer money in a transaction is coming. It is being rolled out to a few Real Estate Companies and it will cost 2.9% of the deposit but it could add a different dynamic to many transactions. In a bidding war, the deal could be instantaneous and could mean taking one deal over the other. It could also mean not dealing with a slow bank such as PC financial which makes you wait 48 hours to get a draft.

4. Digital Signatures: While this has been out since the IPAD first came out, it really hasn’t been all that legal, now it is becoming legal with the powers that be teaming up with a few secure signature partners. This can take the industry to new levels because a client can be on vacation and still sign a deal, or instead of waiting for signatures it can be instantaneous.

5. Wearable Technology: So this goes with the previous new technology such as website, i-becons, and geo tagging. So say for instance, somebody is walking down the street and has google glasses, the person wearing the glasses would get a notification that a house is for sale close by and get all of the information transferred to them via google glasses because all of the information is transferred via the internet. If you’ve watched Minority Report it would be very similar to that.

There is also new technology in the form of digital lockboxes which have not been embraced but are out there. These devices are not being utilized due to monthly fees and agents feel they are not feasible because the regular lock boxes are cheap and free to use monthly.

So as you can see things are going to get pretty interesting in the next few years in the Selling of Properties. Think about what technology you want your agent to use the next time you sell a house or are looking for one!

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