There are two MLS systems that matter in South Ontario, TREB MLS or Toronto Real Estate Board and the new Regional MLS system. There used to be many board MLS systems such as Oakville, and Hamilton. Now a bunch of boards decided to get together and share information and use one mls system. Toronto is still on its own and doesn’t want to play.

What this means?

If you hire an agent from Toronto, and the agent doesn’t have access to the Regional system, they will not be able to post a listing in Oakville. While Members of TREB will be able to see that listing, members of the Regional system will not see it. The same goes for an agent that has a listing in Toronto, but only posts it on the regional system, TREB members will not see that listing unless they are looking at that system.

Why this matters?

If your agent is in Mississauga and your house is in Oakville and the agent is only on one system, they are cutting off agents from a whole network. Less traffic, less exposure. While this doesn’t apply to or CREA websites, for the public, active buyers who are using an agent and not looking at, will not get your listing in their search feeds.

The solution?

Ask your agent what they are a member of and make sure your agent is exposing your property to as many boards as necessary. Your agent can post on a board for a one time fee, even if they are not a member of it.

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