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dAohqdTQkP9z_2ZNFGlUn6-5vZ_frd4qicQI1TcxK9MErnie was born and raised in Mississauga. Born of Italian decent, son to a construction worker and farmer. Ernie’s mom with a background in sales, book keeping and of course cooking. Youngest of 3, with two older sisters. Ernie’s extended family has been involved in the construction business in many shapes and forms; from contractors, to foremen to tradesmen. Ernie is very proud of his family, tradition and his solid foundation his parents and family has built.

In 2008, Ernie met the love of his life Betty. She has been a strong proponent of his Real Estate career and foundation. After 3 years of dating, Ernie decided she was the best thing in his life and decided to ask for her hand in marriage. She luckily said yes, and the two married in 2013, at a fantastic wedding 🙂 They now live in Etobicoke where they plan to extend their family very shortly.


  • Ernie attended High School at St. Martins Secondary school where he played high school football and won the divisional Championship Senior title at Ivory Wynn Stadium. Ernie was also a part of the student council in his last year of High School. This is where Ernie started learning about Photography and Videography and editing. He was in charge of the weekly sports show, in the cafeteria. While amateur this would be a beginning in that field.
  • Ernie decided to not go right into college and decided to work in the entertainment field. In 2002 Ernie attended Sheridan Business College, receiving a 3 years Business diploma.
  • After a joining a finance company, Ernie attended numerous sales, ethics and team building skills after becoming a manager. These sales courses were monthly until Ernie decided to become a Real Estate agent.
  • In 2007 Ernie went to OREA college to obtain his Real Estate licence.
  • After receiving his Real Estate licence in 2008 Ernie has continued with Education that is required by the industry. Courses included Real Estate law, mortgage finance, and Ethics.
  • Ernie has strived to be educated in technology and everything to do with the real estate transaction. So he has Taken courses in Final Cut Pro X, Motion, WordPress Website Design, Photography, and Videography.
  • Most recently, Ernie has become designated as a ASA, Accredited Senior Agent, and Smart-er Negotiation.


TMNErnie started working at a very early age. Starting with newspaper routes, for Mississauga news and Star-ways. During high school Ernie started working as a dishwasher at Le Treport banquet halls. It was at that time he decided he would try to become a dj.

He met Phil from Music in Motion DJS and started to train to be a dj. Since then he has dijed and can still be seen moonlighting and mixing. After high school Ernie did a few commercials for Tiger Toys and went on auditions which you can see here on his Youtube page. 922622_10152174144873686_196131482_o

After that he worked for Music In Motion in their office, working with couples getting married, and up selling clients who would come in to get married. It was at Music in Motion with Phil & Roseanne (His Wife) where Ernie learned how to be an honest salesman, family value selling and learned a foundation in business.

$_1Ernie then decided to work at a local record and dj equipment shop known as Electric Sound Crew. Gaining a new knowledge of sales, and entrepreneurship from Tony Monte, Ernie decided to open up his own dj company and tried to open a store unsuccessfully. While renting a unit and having that responsibility at such a young age was a failure, he learned what it meant to manage money, meeting deadlines and being persistent to make ends meat.

At the turn of tdthe decade, Ernie started working for Toronto Dominion Bank as a CSR. It was a crazy time because TD just bought out Canada Trust, and while it was fun for a bit, it got crazy as the merger became a reality. It only last about two years and Ernie learned a lot about customer service and handling money and transactions. During the summer of 2003 Ernie worked at The Bay Unloading Furniture as well.

After receiving a 3 year marketing diploma, Ernie got recruited by John Paul Desy at Trans Canada Credit. It would be here Ernie would sell loans, mortgages and credit cards to B lending customers. He would learn to cold call, canvass, and negotiate terms on a deal. While being very unsuccessful in the first 3 months, Ernie decided enough is enough and after being bullied and made fun of by co-workers, he vowed to be the best salesman in 2006.

wells_fargo_website_logoIt was this determination that led him to become Senior Sales person, within 3 months. By the end of the year he became assistant manager. It was during this year that Ernie won numerous awards, and was in the top 5 in sales almost every month.By this time, the district management Michael Cross was already speaking of promoting Ernie to Manager and his own branch and employees. He got exactly that in February 2007, but it was actually a big disappointment because now being Wells Fargo financial, there was a lot of red tape surrounding the move. A new District manager was brought in, and started to fire the most successful people at the company, and also the company decided to change their business model to servicing A clientele. Erne was not allowed to hire, renovate, or move the branch as promised, and only having two employees, it was not a successful venture. Although it was not successful, and it only lasted a few months, Ernie learned a lot in that time, and decided this was where a move to Entrepreneurship would step in again.

In 2007 realtor_logo_gold_1234577714943Ernie decided to get his Real Estate licence, and in 2008 this became a reality. Starting to work in Oakville for Century 21 Miller Real Estate, he was hired by Bill Miller and Sheena Curran. For two years, Ernie learned the ins and outs of the business with a lot of successful agents there.

In 2010 Ernie decided that he wanted to focus a bit more on Mississauga, and the GTA, sC21Kelleher_Real_Estate_Inc-2o he joined Century 21 Kelleher Real Estate, with Grace Kelleher & Adrian Cox, with over 40 years in the business they have schooled Ernie in what it takes to be a success in this business. He is still there today.


BEE-5429-2In 2015 Ernie has teamed up with Hitesh “Heath” Joshi to combine their immense skills and experience to create a team that will specialize in delivering the best service and technology that Real Estate has to offer. Both drawing on a great knowledge of the GTA, they are looking forward to a great 2018.

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