Renting an apartment can be very stressful, especially if you are a student. Landlords demand that you have a certain income, or co-signer. They will also check your credit call your references and scrutinize everything about you.

What about the Landlord?

Questions & Clauses for Your Landlord

1. Are there any infestations? Mice? Roaches?
What is and how fast is the recourse?

2. Who else lives directly above, below and adjacent to you? Are they noisy? What happens if there is a noise problems?

3. What are the house rules? Common Area Rules?

4. Has there been any incidences of theft? What did you do if there were to remedy?

5. How is the heating in the building? Has it gone down this year? Can I change the temperature?

6. If Something breaks, how long until it gets fixed, for example a light bulb? Appliance? Who is responsible for the cost.

These are a few good examples of what to ask and in most cases put that in the rental contract.


Is A Pet Clause Valid?

Is A Pet Clause Valid?

This is a question I get asked all the time. The Short Answer is No, you cannot tell somebody you won't rent out your place because they have a pet. Another question, many people have is, whether or not you have a pet clause in there, and then the tenant gets a pet...

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Student Tips for Finding a Place

Student Tips for Finding a Place

If you are a student going to college or University this fall then you must be looking for a place to stay close to your school of choice. Its not easy to find something that has all of the things you want in a rental room or condo. You may also find that it is...

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