Have you ever thought about something, then saw an advertisement, and caught yourself changing the way you think about something and then going after it to buy it.

I’ll give you an example, we used to think of Japanese cars as a cheap imports. American cars were the thing growing up. Now, what do you think of Acura, Lexus, or Honda? The advertising and branding of the last 20 years has changed the way we think about these brands.

The same concept goes for houses, but on a different scale. You see a house, and you might like it among 5 that are out there, but there is always that one that you definitely want to see, and hopefully live in. There are reasons why the top agents always get top dollar for their listings. The know how to prepare a house to sell, and they know how to market and advertise the property properly.

Let’s face it, anybody can throw a for sale sign on the lawn and sell it in this market, but the key is to generate a lot of interest, to get people fighting for the house and then paying for it. That comes with awareness, and showcasing that house to the best of the houses ability.

Preparing the house for pictures, and video is key. Making sure that there is no clutter, and that the property is staged is what needs to be done first.

Capturing the house is the next thing, which means, proper pictures and a video tour. Showcasing the best parts online today is the new window shopping. Having somebody explain a few things in the video is also a good idea.

Then Marketing to the right people, the right agents is important to getting to the people that are going to come in to the house and pay top dollar for it.


Are You Ready For Your Information To Go Public?

I read the articles, I read the comments, people want information. They want it all. That is the new way of doing business. They want all of the information that real estate agents have access to, and they want it for free, and they want it now. People think they have...

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The purchase price of your home is only one of the costs you'll encounter. Here are other possible costs you need to consider:   Mortgage loan insurance: If you are putting less than 20 per cent of the house value down, you're going to need mortgage loan insurance....

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Over Rated Home Features

When I do an open house or put a house up for sale, I always get a few questions about features that I always say, why do you want that. Here they are: 1. Central Vacuum: Why do you want to lug around a snake and try to clean the house? Its simple, its called Dyson....

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Uber is Not Like Real Estate!

I read articles all the time written by Real Estate agents who are trying to convince themselves that we are in a good business to be in, and that it is necessary to use an agent for every transaction. In Toronto, put up a sign and your property will be sold by the...

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Transit Solutions Would Help Lower GTA Prices

One thing that can truly help lower GTA prices are some major transit solutions. It is apparent that the GTA market and all of the surrounding areas have gone buck wild in the past few years, and especially in the last few months. So many sales records have been...

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Why You Should be Underpricing Your House For Sale?

Its all about quantity and impression.When people are buying a house, they get into some-what of a HEAT! Underpricing Your House drives that heath up. I would call it a hunter gatherer mind set. Buyers are constantly on the hunt, and one thing that I've noticed is...

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Would You Go Into a Court Without a Lawyer?

Buying a house and using the listing agent is like going into court without a lawyer to represent you. Each and every time I have a listing, I have somebody calling me asking me "what's the price if I don't have an agent and buys directly though me?" I always want to...

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Liberals Are Going to Tank This Market!

What is the one thing the liberals are looking for right now? Votes and money. The way that they will try to get both is to try and capitalize on this hot real estate market.    The middle & lower class does not like the fact that they cannot afford any real estate at...

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Tesla’s Solar Roof Powered Shingles

Solar roof panels are the ugliest feature to attach to your house. I tried to sell a house once with solar panels and nobody wanted to even think about it. The panels were bulky and ugly, and the technology to save the power to batteries was messy and confusing.   ...

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