Every time I sell a house, I get disgruntled owners who want to keep their family pictures up. Its as almost when I say that they must come down that I’m invading their lives and making those people in the pictures go away. I’ve gotten a lot of resistance from people to say the least.

Here’s the physiology, and I’ve experienced this with the same people who show me resistance. So when my clients are looking for a house, they walk into a room, they wonder who the people are, and like 99.99% of people, make pre-judgements. If your judgements are negative, then there is already a negative mind set going forward.
The next thing the buyers think is, I wonder why they are selling, and how much cheaper I can get this house for. A spouse died? A Divorce? I can get these people on the cheap. This is what happens. Then they turn to me, if they are in this limp position, we can go in cheap.
So this is what happens, from simple pictures, people get wrapped up in the pictures, and stop looking at the house, and start looking for more clues to put this story together. By the end of it, they have already envisioned a whole story and have stopped their interest in the house, or have already devised a plan where they get this house for a steal.
I’ve had instances where sellers refused to remove their pictures and the house stayed on the market, and during the open house, all that the potential buyers did was view the vintage family pictures.
You want the buyers to feel that they can make a home there, if your pictures and life is up on the wall, these people coming in will not invade your space. Its already telling them to get out, this house is spoken for with these memories.
The question is do you want to sell your house and have people wasting your time or go to Ikea or thrift shop and get some cheap pictures and replace your kids and wedding pictures!

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