The days of posting your listing on mls and praying for full price are over. While there are still many agents that are still only doing that, those are the basics and your commission dollars deserve more.

In many cases you have a lot of competition in your community. The key is to bring in as much interest as possible to your house. Even if you have a lot of interest, there can never be too much. Saying that it is enough just to put it on the market and with a few crappy pictures could mean losing thousands in a bidding war.
How you set yourself apart in this day and age:
1. Staging: This could mean anything from cleaning up, to removing furniture and bringing in new furniture, to simply moving stuff around. Remove all Family pictures. You want to make the space you have as presentable as possible.
2. Awesome Media: Professional Photography & Video is basic now. If your agent says he’s using his phone for pictures, then ask them what kind of credentials they have to do that. Photography is an art, and could mean that you need a professional to do it. Video likewise. you want to present your house with the newest and latest media. A video is not moving pictures, and a virtual tour is a thing of the past. Create a video that moves people to want to buy your house.
3. Social Media: After you have this great media, you want to have an agent that has agents and buyers that they can post this house to. You want someone who will do some advertising on these sites, most is for free but paying a little bit could get you the advertising you need to get you that extra 20k.
4. Advertising: I lump this into the category of pamphlets, open houses, door knocking and newspaper ads. Most of these are outdated, but they can be effective. Nice brochures are a must, even for a low end house. You want the neighbours to know that your house is for sale, yes they are nosey, but you might have one that knows somebody interested.
5. Online Presence: Websites, Domain Names, Blogs are a necessary thing to help generate the other categories to bring it all together. When somebody searches your house online, like in most cases today, there should be articles, a website all directed by your agent.
This is what the basics are today, if your agent is not doing these things, then you could be selling yourself short at the bank at the end of the day.

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