One thing that is essential to selling your house whether or not you are an agent is photos. I’m not going to write about using photos and why you should but rather why you should use good photos.

In the recent months of going through houses with my buyers, I have realized one thing; there are a lot of bad photos out there. One common thing my buyers have all said is, “Why are the photos so different from what the house looks like.” I couldn’t agree more. Most of the photos I saw were very different than the house. I understand that you have to make the house look as good as possible but to completely change the way the room looks with a zoom or wide lens is going a little far. I don’t understand why anybody would want to make somebody waste their time going to a house that looks nothing like the photo. Do people think that a customer will like the house after? If they don’t like the house online they will certainly not like it in person. My last clients must have looked at 10 houses that were misrepresented. There should be some sort of fine for lying in pictures. A waste my time fine. Then it will stop.

Ok no more complaints I got it out. So whether or not you are an agent or not, there is a technique to taking good photos. Yes I have taken photography in school so I know there is a good and bad way to shoot. I’m not going to tell you how in a blog that would make no sense, it is more of a hands on thing. I’m sure you can search the net for some sort of do’s and don’ts. What I will tell you is get a good High Definition camera. Make sure it has stability on it. The higher the better. If possible take panoramic pictures if the camera has that feature. You can also get programs to make a virtual tour if you have the panoramic pictures. This is a good way to show your possible buyers how the room is. Rather than shoot with a wide angle lens to make the room feel bigger shoot around and show how the room truly feels.

Do not shoot into the window or sunlight. Make sure your rooms are tidy and there is nothing out. Do not use different furniture than the furniture that will be in your house when you are showing it. I have been to so many houses where they have different furniture than their pictures. Its almost like they staged the house, then they went back to their old furniture because the staging contract was over. Or they are using old MLS photos. Either or it throws buyers off when they see different furniture or appliances in your house.

Take a lot of photos and pick out the best 30 from there. A few photos from each room is great. Take photos of the neighborhood and the local amenities such as Local schools, churches, Malls etc. This will allow the buyer to get an idea of what is around the neighborhood. It gives them a mental picture of what it will be like to live in your neighborhood before they come to look at your house to buy it. If you post pictures that are different than they come to see they will be upset like my buyers for being mislead and are already turned off to your house.

If you need some help taking photos or just want me to list your house all together call me at 905-277-1805. You can also reach me at homepage or century 21 link

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