The use of drone footage has also become very common place since the units themselves have become more sophisticated, while prices have dropped significantly to under $1000 for a decent unit.

Using drones for Real Estate Videos and Photography is pretty tricky. Most people don’t know how to properly use it, and if they pay for a professional, an agent will feel that they have to use the footage to justify the cost.

I would like to think I have a pretty good eye for what to do and not do. here is a list of what not to do or when not to use a drone in your Real Estate Videos and photos.

1. If the listing house is a town house or very small lot. Usually a drone can only can wide angle, and if the lot is very small, the footage will make it look even smaller.

2. Neighbours are not tidy. If there is a neighbour where they have a messy backyard or they do not cut the grass or have an old car or something like that, you might not want to showcase that in your video or photos.

3. PowerLines & Trees. Sometimes in urban areas such as Toronto, there are a lot of power lines and trees in front of the house. It is already tricky & risky to get good footage, but when you have a lot of power lines, the shots don’t show the house well.

4. Too Much Footage. We get it, its cool to have a camera attached to a flying copter. In my experience, shots are only good for seconds, and dragging a 4 minute video of a house is terrible. I see this so often, I want to scream at the agent. They think they are so high tech with this footage that all of it should be shown. NO! NO! NO! Editing is just as important as the footage and only seconds of each shot should be shown, even if its a fly by of the property. Stop it please!

5. If you are in the Shot. When the drone goes up and you shoot a shot of lets say the backyard, you must try to hide where you are in the shot, there’s nothing worse than seeing the wizard doing his magic. Its a tough one but, please don’t show yourself operating the quad.

6. Last one, propellers: Don’t show the shots of the propellers. Yes sometimes the propellers get in the way of a shot, but again, edit and crop them out of the shot.

If you want some examples, take a look at my videos here to see my work.

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