Selling Einbrecher an einem FensterYour House in the digital time, is exciting and it could be an invitation for theft.

Even if agents who do not do extra advertising to your property most likely will be all over the internet by the time the listing hits mls.
Without knowing it, your agent probably opts in to allow other agents with feeds on their website to advertise the listing. That is why if you’ve listed your house in the last two years, chances are that other agents have the top spot on google when you search your address. Google is a paid service so the more a person pays for advertising the more their ads will get above yours or your agent.
There is a way to opt out of this but that really is counter productive. You want the most exposure you can, while it is putting a target on your house for theft, it is putting a target on your house for a buyer. That is what you need. So take all the necessary precautions, and be safe!

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