Are you parents selling their house? Or is there an emergency in the family?

After taking the ASA (Accredited Senior Association) Course and selling numerous Seniors homes this past year, I’ve learned a lot.
If your parents are seniors, you might not even look at them any differently than you did when you were growing up. Many of us don’t want to face the truth that your parents are in a different stage of their life and are not the heroes they once were, but they are in another way.
Depending on how old your parents are, did you know there are different stages of seniors? Different categories of seniors need different care. Do you know how to care for them at these stages?
Here are a few things that I learned over the past few years dealing with seniors, these are great tips and hard ones to follow through on.

1. Depending on How old they are, they need special care (of course) but are your parents receiving the proper care and attention they deserve? Examine their needs right now, and determine this.

2. Not All Seniors need to go live in a seniors home, some can live right in their own home with a nurse or care giver.

3. Patience: This is the hardest one. Seniors work at their own pace. In this crazy fast paced instant message answer world, its hard to calm down and respect this. Learn to work at their pace.

4. Lonely: Some seniors are very lonely because they don’t see or get out like they used to.

5. In conjunction with #4, If you are going to visit, it may be the highlight of their week, and it takes an incredible amount of energy out of them, depending on their age. They may be tired for a while mentally and physically after a visit or an outing.

6. Stories: Even though your parents have told you stories over and over, they may be saying them again to see if you were listening. They want to make sure that you are remembering the past for the future. The seniors I’ve felt with loved telling their stories and it was a great history lesson in most cases.

7. They are very capable: While some might have ailments, and are a lot slower these days, they are still alive and capable of doing a lot. You just have to give them the chance and be a guide.

There are many more things that I’ve learned and I’ll save for another post! See Ya

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