I hear horror stories about how agents will just use the old photos from MLS. Its the laziest thing an agent can do. Even to take a picture with your iPhone would be better resolution than old photos from MLS. Its crazy to think that an agent in this day and age will have the balls to say to a client, I’m just going to use the old photos. Hey nothing much has changed in the house and the paint colour is the same.

The next thing I hear is, its a hot property, I don’t even have to post a picture at all. So I might as well use the old photos. What that is saying is that basically you want to do absolutely nothing to promote the property and get paid for it. Yes there are other things that agents get paid to do, but promotion is the very basics. Even if its the hottest property in the world, why would you not want to show the house as it is today.

Another curious thing is that, pictures on a website and MLS are not always of the house. Some agents will take pictures of the neighbourhood, the park nearby, amenities, and some interesting feature going on around the house. Those certainly have changed in the few years that the house has been in your possession.

When you sell a house, you want to bring in as many people as possible to promote the property, while deterring buyers who will waste your time. You don’t want speculators in the house at any point. You need serious buyers, who qualify, who can put an offer on the house when you start taking offers. By posting little or no pictures, you are forcing speculators to come to the property, wasting both parties time.

If you have a hot property that you know will sell fast and will drive bids, wouldn’t you want to stage the place properly, take better pictures, and drive even more traffic to the property? Then driving the price up?


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